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Game Days
The Fortress Comics and Games
East Lansing, Michigan

Each week we will be running one LC module and one LG module. Persons playing in LC modules are expected to be registered with Organized Play, and have paid all fees pretaining to said company. Please note that Organized Play will allow persons to play LC without paying their fee, but these person can only play characters of 1st level.

If you are interested in playing with a new office toy or any of the below events and would like to reserve a spot at the table please email us at Spaces are limited to the number of judges available to for the event and we make no garentees as to the availability of spaces so please email ahead. If we reach our known max of players for any given day it will be posted here. If you are interested in judging events please contact us at the same address above.

We also have two Yahoo!Groups where you can form tables with other players in advance, download needed files, answer polls, and in general help us make our game days more enjoyable for you. Click Here to Sign-up


Monday Tuesday
March 4th
March 5th
COR1-02 Reckoning-LG Halur a' Moradin -LC
March 11th
March 12th
COR1-03 River of Blood-LG Ow! Quit It!-LC

Event Decriptions

COR1-01 Dragon Scales at Morningtide-LG
Strange black currents and droves of beached fish are being linked to a strange new cult in the city of Greyhawk. Are the cultists responsible, or just part of a larger danger? An adventure for characters levels 1-4.

COR1-02 Reckoning-LG
A struggling merchant house may hold the key to untold wealth and adventure in the Cairn Hills. An adventure for characters level 1-6.

COR1-03 River of Blood-LG
The Millstream runs red with the blood of the abducted children of Greyhawk's lower class, triggering memories of a crisis thought averted long ago. Absolute Power series, part one. For characters levels 1-3.

Halur a' Moradin -LC
You are invited the to the celebration to end dwarven celebrations, but then the lights go out and when they come back on, someone is missing, something is missing, and the party is over. A Living City adventure for all levels.

Ow! Quit It!-LC
A new dungeon is always fun, and who can resist the chance to explore a new section of the sewers. But is there more to this than just fighting monsters and taking their stuff? An adventure recommended for characters levels 1-11.

Raison d'etre-LC
So, you want to become an adventurer? Well what have you gotten yourself into now? Finding a lost child wasn't exactly what you had in mind, was it? For beginning characters only.

Location and Directions

Games start @ 6pm sharp at The Fortress Comics and Games in East Lansing, MI.

The Fortress is located at 425 Albert Ave.
Get Directions from Yahoo (opens new window)

If you have questions would like us to save you a spot or would like to Judge games, contact Troy Stevens at

Mailing List and Groups

Stay up-to-date by joining our Yahoo!Groups. We have one for players and one for people that would like to Judge or Volunteer.


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